Got a new script that could use an outsider's eye before you share it with the world?


I now offer personalized script consultation for playwrights and screenwriters at all experience levels!

Here's how it works: 


You email me the script (play, screenplay, TV pilot). I will read it then send you 4-5 pages of detailed notes, thoughts and suggestions, including a breakdown of:


  • What's working well

  • What’s not working well

  • Questions/ideas about the piece moving forward

For an additional fee, you can get all of that PLUS a 90-minute one-on-one live consultation (in person in NYC area or via Skype/Zoom/Facetime) to discuss the notes and have a back and forth Q&A / brainstorming session.


And if you ever want to send a new draft down the line, we can work out a reduced rate for another round of feedback!

Interested? Drop me a line through the contact page and we can discuss which package is right for your script!

Happy writing!

* * * * * *


BASIC PACKAGE: 4-5 pages of detailed notes and feedback 

  •   Full-length play or screenplay = $150

  •   One-act play = $75

  •   One-hour pilot = $100

  •   Half-hour pilot = $60


FULL-PACKAGE: Basic Package + a 90-minute call/meeting to discuss the feedback one-on-one

  •   The Basic package fee + $75