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"Mr. Williams has achieved something special: He has written a hilarious and heartwarming romantic comedy . . . which exudes gobs of comic energy and insight."  – New York Times


"Playwright Jason Odell Williams is a postmodern Clifford Odets. Winning, strikingly intelligent. Gripping entertainment! Simply superb!"   –  L.A. Times

"Church & State is a powerful, often humorous, and highly contemporary piece...[with] several surprises, four fascinating characters, and so many lines that resonate." – Huffington Post

"Williams has written a crackling script. Powerful. Humorous. So resonant. I wish every member of Congress would see it!" – NPR

"Keep your eye on playwright Jason Odell Williams. If he keeps writing plays as extraordinary and impassioned as his latest play, he may in time be hailed as this country’s newest Eugene O’Neill." – Santa Monica Daily Press 

"A captivating, thought-provoking new play sure to only advance the career of a promising new dramatist. A hilariously on-target script, it is deserving of high praise!" – Arts in L.A.

"Every now and again a brilliant play comes your way, strong enough to knock you off your complacent ledge, inspiring social and political change within you, and entertaining us like not much you've ever seen before. Such is the world premiere of Jason Odell Williams' pulsating drama Church & State." – Edge Media Network

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