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Critical Acclaim for Church & State


“Playwright Jason Odell Williams is a postmodern Clifford Odets. Yet Williams is no mere sloganeer, and ‘Church’ is no broadside. Williams avoids demonizing his conservative Southerners, who are winning, strikingly intelligent, and above all, sincere in their beliefs…. The moral struggle that follows fuels a sophisticated dialectic that presents both sides of the gun debate…. It’s surprisingly subtle and gripping entertainment. Simply superb!”   – Los Angeles Times

“Church and State will be heading East soon as it makes its well deserved journey across country. This is a powerful, often humorous, and highly contemporary piece about a North Carolina senator running for re-election.... The play has several surprises, four fascinating characters, and so many lines that resonate.... The playwright, of course, is happy to see the play get such strong attention, but also admits he hopes it becomes obsolete... meaning that the country finally stops embarrassing itself and does something about guns.” – Huffington Post

“A mesmeric production of a captivating, thought-provoking new play sure to only advance the career of a promising new dramatist. [A] brightly intelligent and often hilariously on-target script, it is deserving of high praise! If Williams’ exceptional play does nothing else, let’s hope it makes its point and sparks further desperately needed debate. Brilliant…impassioned… dazzling…spectacular… takes our breath away!” – Arts in L.A.

“Every now and again a brilliant play comes your way, strong enough to knock you off your complacent ledge, inspiring social and political change within you, and entertaining us like not much you've ever seen before. Such is the world premiere of ‘Church & State.’ Jason Odell Williams' pulsating drama [with] an astonishing cast of four, unfolds for us in 90 minutes, no intermission, with both humor and pathos.…You must not skip this production of a timely drama reflecting the times we live in and see acted out daily.” – Edge Media Network


“A powerful, thought-provoking, button-pushing ‘gun-control comedy’ (that’s right, comedy!)  WOW!” – Stage Scene L.A.


“Williams’ timely political drama…truly is flawless and sweeps us to a stirring catharsis! Oh, how satisfying it is to watch! TOP TEN PICK! RECOMMENDED” – Stage Raw


“Funny, human, devastating, brave and powerful... [With] very clear characters and tight writing, Church & State speaks to the lunacy of modern politics. ” – L.A. Theatre Bites 

“A timely and thought-provoking piece of entertainment… Williams has taken some highly controversial issues and framed them in very personal and often amusing ways. The humor and the pain coalesce, just as they often do in real life. The audience cares about what happens to [these characters] and cannot help but remain engrossed throughout the tale. Very funny… fast-paced and entertaining!”  – L.A. Splash


“A pinpoint production… Stellar, engaging…Superb!” – L.A. Weekly

“Keep your eye on playwright Jason Odell Williams. If he keeps writing plays as extraordinary and impassioned as his latest play, ‘Church and State,’ he may in time be hailed as this country’s newest Eugene O’Neill. Powerful... real... amazing, impeccable... flawless... exquisite.” – Santa Monica Daily Press

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Critical Acclaim for Someone Else

"Someone Else sizzles with sensuousness and sexy dialogue! There's great depth and substance in this racy script, fit for long discussion and thoughtful consideration. A witty and wise romp!" — Citizen-Times


“This charming and piquant world premiere delves into the gritty realities of the mid-life crisis. Its blistering frankness and range of emotional dichotomies will resonate with audiences … Wickedly funny and enchanting!” — Carolina Curtain Call


“Someone Else is human, relatable and very funny. This tightly-paced show… keeps the audience intimately involved with the characters and story… all about exposing inner fears and demons and debating them in often-unsettling ways. The writing is sharp, insightful and gives every audience member something they can relate to in their own lives. Incredible!”  —Mountain Xpress


Critical Acclaim for Handle With Care 

"Handle with Care is a hilarious and heartwarming romantic comedy... which exudes gobs of comic energy and insight. Mr. Williams has achieved something special: He has written a Jewish Christmas play."    —The New York Times  (Critics' Pick)


“Thrilling ... a delightful, bilingual comedy ... this is the perfect non-Christmas ‘Christmas’ show, a celebration of friendship and life that is big on the small things that matter in life.”    —Los Angeles Daily News


"Miraculous... the story of the beauty in tragedy, the rekindling of faith, and realizing that you're found in translation... leaves the audience delighted."   —The Jewish Week


"Joyous! Just the right stocking stuffer to complete your holiday spirit.... Rich, authentic, and incredibly moving… beautifully realized and as lovely as it gets. The show is charming, perfect for this time of year. Don't miss this sweet treat!"   —Broadway World


“A romantic comedy you'll remember fondly well into next year. Modest, a little self- effacing and touchingly optimistic, the play is a perfect date to attend with friends and lovers. A charming new play!”  —Ithaca Times


“Hilariously Funny! Utterly charming, fearlessly adorable and a tiny bit magical.”  —Naples News


"Sweet and charming. The show is perfect holiday programming."  —Rochester City Newspaper


"A heartwarming romantic comedy... This holiday treat works if you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas or neither."  —The Tampa Tribune

"Williams is a young playwright with a bright future. He knows how to weave a tapestry of human emotion into an entertainingly funny play. A very simple, very unique, quite silly, but very special play." – Digital First Media


Critical Acclaim for Personal Statement

"For the striver and slacker in all of us, 'Personal Statement' hits deliciously close to the bone with a mordantly hilarious satire of resume-polishing and ambition. A page-turning delight."  —Sarah Ellison, Vanity Fair Contributing Editor

"This guy's writing reminds of John Green's writing. Yeah, I just said that." —Real Men Read YA 

"I solemnly swear this book will blow your mind!"  —A Thousand Words A Million Books 

"I couldn't put this novel down! Hilarious!" —Asian American Education 

"When your teenage daughter reacts to the galley with 'Dad, this is my life!' you pick up the phone and make the deal." —Tim Schmidt, former Miramax senior executive on optioning Williams' novel. 

Praise from Artistic Directors


"We had an incredible run of Handle With Care. Audiences and critics alike were cheering. Not only was it an artistic triumph but also a financial success.  It played to 98% capacity and was the highest grossing production this season! Audiences from 9 to 90 fell in love with this production. It was a privilege to produce and direct this enchanting play!"  —Susan Claassen, Managing Artistic Director, The Invisible Theatre


“Handle with Care is a gem of a show. Simply magical. The blending of a romantic comedy, universal theme, a Jewish storyline with a Christmas eve setting turned out to be the perfect show for us during the December Holiday season. Audiences of all backgrounds loved it.” —Ralph Meranto, Artistic Director, JCC Centerstage


"Handle With Care is a delightful, fresh, and different holiday show, especially good for the holiday season if you have a significant Jewish audience, as I do.  They loved it!  It's a perfect antidote to the same old standards that get trotted out year after year, and I recommend it highly." —Barbara Beckley, Artistic Director, The Colony Theatre


"Handle With Care is a comedy with serious and important undertones about communication and destiny. And as I meet people around town over a month after we closed, I'm still hearing so many wonderful comments not only about the quality of the production, but also about how good the play itself is. I believe this play is a winner and I wouldn't be surprised to see it become a staple in regional theaters." —Audrey Heller, Artistic Director, The Jewish Theatre of Bloomington


“We loved the play when we read it, but were worried about finding an actress who could handle the Hebrew. The actress we wanted was perfect for the part, but spoke no Hebrew at all. Yet with the phonetic transliterated script and the slow and performance-speed audio files, she did wonderfully! We even had thirty Israeli students attend who said she sounded perfect! Our regular patrons said it was one of the most fascinating plays our theater has ever produced. We were even able to put together a special marketing plan to bring in more customers from our Jewish community. And the mixture of comedy, romance, and sentiment created a brilliant evening of theater.”  

—Neil Thackaberry, Artistic Director, Actors’ Summit Theatre


“Funny, heartwarming and loaded with compassion, Handle With Care delighted our audiences during the December holiday season.  Indeed, delightful is the word I heard most from people discussing the show after performances. This insightful play celebrates the power and wonder of real love without ever being overly precious or sentimental.  Our patrons – old, young and culturally diverse – loved it!  And, did I say it was funny?!?  Produce it, buy a ticket, audition for it.   Just don't miss it!”  —Sarah Boone, Artistic Director, Theatre Jacksonville


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